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The Mountaineers Vision

4. October 2017 Ikke kategoriseret 0


The Mountaineers Vision

As you know the calmness from within brings you the tranquility to become aware of your clear vision, so does your body if you listen. The circulation of your neurochemistry can be balanced by your training of mind and body. Even on your last effort to climb the peak you can remain calm, you know the vision. You sense the vision from within. It´s intrinsic motivation and your inner mountain, you just have to be in it.

I breath in, the fresh air embraces my senses.

I breath out, my mind becomes clear.

I breath in, I sense the mountain within me.

I breath out, I and the mountain are one.

I breath in, I clear my mind from nuances and find my inner strength.

I breath out, I feel alignment with the mountain, we are the same.

Strength comes from within.  I acknowledge my vision. 


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