Psychology & Global Consultancy

My Mindset Global Consultancy offers coaching to Leaders, Front Liners, Executives & Business Partners, & Life Changers.

Our servies is based on a solid background and training within the field for over 10 years. Our coaching sessions varies from each individual & group, and are known to be spot on and very effective. Our tools are comprehensive & the Mindset is being present. We follow you through the transformation, pipeline, your shadows, mechanisms & strategy for efficency.

Different forms of models

  • Global Mindset
  • Global Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
  • Transformation Leadership
  • Performance Leadership
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Work and Life changing Coaching
  • Values based Coaching
  • Risk assessment & awareness knowledge
  • Front Liners
  • Decision Making
  • SWOT