Author: Anna Margrét Skúladóttir

Psychology & Global Consultancy

Availability – New Positions at My Mindset

  Are you passionate about Global Mindset, how the world, you and others connect and can make a difference by just thinking little differently? Then we are looking for you! My Mindset started as a one person consultancy, and evolved to being a Global Consultancy with up to seven consultants, at the same time using…
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10. October 2017 0

The Mountaineers Vision

  The Mountaineers Vision As you know the calmness from within brings you the tranquility to become aware of your clear vision, so does your body if you listen. The circulation of your neurochemistry can be balanced by your training of mind and body. Even on your last effort to climb the peak you can…
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4. October 2017 0

Immovation Networking – Business oriented Expats/Immigrants in Denmark.

Are you an immigrant/expat living in Denmark and want to connect to other like minded? Are you looking for ways to get your ideas across, do you want to learn your rights and expand your possibilities?   We are a network of great minded people that are building up network among incubators, expats and immigrants…
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26. September 2017 0

21 Days of Unfolding your shadows to Personal Strengths – 1st October!

Transforming from your Personal Shadows might seem overwhelming to you, but with training and the right approach we go through this together. Your Shadows might turn out to be your most qualified strengths if you are willing to work in it. What I offer you: 21 days of transformation journey, online from your living room.…
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24. September 2017 0

My Mindful Diary, 2018 – By Anna Margrét Skúladóttir

  The Diary is a treasure of work over 12 years, whereas I gather together the wisdom and calmness that helps the user for his/her journey in Mindful living and training over a year to come. Without a doubt then this diary can bring you peace, calmness, wisdom and more awareness for body and mind…
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23. September 2017 0

No Hidden Agenda – Your Primary Greatness

  Any time you throw yourself into a new project, new relation or deeper into existing one you are taking a risk. You are risking loosing your identity, ownership and pride, or so you think! Hence, what if I told you that it doesn´t necessary have to be that way, and that your old injury…
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23. September 2017 0

Your Secret Life – Who Really knows You?

The Secret Life is where your heart is, where your real motives are – The Ultimate desire of your life.   In our public life, we are seen and heard by our coworkers, associates and other within our circles. In our private life, we are more interactive, to our family, spouses and friends. The Secret…
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21. September 2017 0

The Light house – Finding Peace

  It has occurred in most peoples lives that too many things happen at the same time and you feel you are more trying to cope with the waves than to be in the moment. Every moment is as a passing time to catch your breath, and you just want someone to hold you and…
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3. September 2017 0

Conscious and healing travel in Gods Own Country, Kerala

Conscious and healing travel in Gods Own Country, Kerala with mindfulness & yoga. Tranquility, mindfulness, rejuvenating yoga and enjoy unique accommodation. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open. – B.K.S Iyengar   Why…
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28. June 2017 0

Healing from within in the Magical Kerala, India

  We make a conscious choice of our travels, CGH Earth is unique of its kind for their advanced CSR policy and human rights interests. Their love and respect for the nature brings you not just a relaxed holiday but an unique experience of you are making a difference. We emphasis on transformation, inner peace…
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16. June 2017 0