Psychology & Global Consultancy


My Mindset offers consultancy & psychology service for individuals, companies and organizations. We focus on integration, evaluation, assessment, recovery and reconstruction. Many of our clients seek to our service as they know the comprehension they get from one service partner. The first process when you come to My Mindset is that we evaluate your need, and complexity of your situation, we follow you through possible changes, and integrate by need. With a Mindful and Sustainable approach we are sure to give you our best service for your effectiveness.

Who are the clients: Individuals in transition or search for the right path in business and life, organizations in growth within government, police and medical industry, finance comanies/banks searching for transformation in employee development, individuals searching for game changes, decision makers in front line, international companies, and investors looking for matchers and policy making, individuals and teams looking for sparring.




We work from Micro and Macro Level, and follow through the process. 

We provide service from technology, on location and in house.

Our Location: Denmark, Iceland, India,  Africa.






My Mindset – Global Consultancy

Borupvang 3, C

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