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Immovation Networking – Business oriented Expats/Immigrants in Denmark.

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Are you an immigrant/expat living in Denmark and want to connect to other like minded? Are you looking for ways to get your ideas across, do you want to learn your rights and expand your possibilities?


We are a network of great minded people that are building up network among incubators, expats and immigrants in Denmark. We focus on start ups, new ideas and motivation for like minded people.

Project Managers:

  • Anna Margrét Skúladóttir
  • Eyþór Ívar Jónsson
  • Ada L. Stein

Research assistant at My Mindset:

  • Nadia Konstantina Partatila


What we offer:

  • Networking
  • Workshops
  • Motivation
  • Analysis of ideas & process
  • Team building
  • Hiring process
  • Leadership & Management consulting
  • Coaching for project managers, leaders and managers.
  • Follow up and networking advice.
  • Startups advice
  • Immigrant & Expats liasom – partnering network
  • Consulting & Coachin on overcoming obstacles as a foreigner in Denmark

My Mindset

World Trade Center

Borupvang 3

2750 Ballerup


tlf. (0045) 71156591

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