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Outplacement – The worst to Overcome or a Challenge to Learn

3. May 2017 Ikke kategoriseret 0

Ok, so you were told that there are changes in the company, or the organization you had your hopes and dreams about were shut down. You might feel let down, stressed out because of an uncertain future. Some feel shame and guilt, even an overwhelming feeling of despair. This is all normal and overwhelming to many. This is though not the time to go into spiral down turn, this is a time to transition yourself and build back better.

We can help you transition by who you are and where you want to go from here. We offer emotional support, and consulting as needed based on your personal need as an individual. We create a career assessment and help you transition yourself based on your qualities and communication skills. Furthermore, we help you go back into the field to networking and socializing with co-workers. This is a challenge to overcome and build back better. We are here for you, to support, advice and lead you. We are available for skype sessions and phone if/when needed.

  • Transitioning
  • Individual approach
  • Career assessment
  • Personal intervention & assessment
  • Networking: Going back into the field
  • Social Networking: Overcoming hindrances
  • Identify Milestones & Resistance
  • Build Back Better

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