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Update on workshops:

Mindfulness 10 weeks programme from september to November, 2016, will be repeated in March 2017. Register is open. Location Copenhagen, Denmark.

Leadership workshop:  11th january 9:30 – 16.

Focus on the compassionate leader in a global settings.  We go over leadership styles, decision styles and type. We focus on the area of effective communication in a complicates situation in global settings and how compassion and global mindset correlates with effectiveness in leadership roles. Furthermore we cover the area of global mindset and pathology, and define the difference and how compassion and empathy is used in corporate settings.

Participants: leaders in global organizations, and global communications.

Price: 3.500 dkr.

Lunch and refreshments included.


Lyngbbyvej 20


Registration in mindset.dk@gmail.com

Workshop for coaches and others working in front line consulting:

Psycopathology and Coaching

Identifying psychopathology

How to know if you training a psychopath, sociopath and/or NPD individual. Due to high risk of ethical blind risk takers, this need has been increasing at the same time companies/organizations choose CSR, and Micro CSR in partnership with Organization psychologists.

How to know the boundaries

How to understand the pathology in your client & what can be done.

How to know if you are hiring a psychopath.

Particpants: all coaches, consultants and HR working in the area where psychopathy is of relevance.

Time & Location:

Lyngbyvej 20, CPH, 20. Februar 2017, 9 – 14:30 o´clock.

Price: 2.800 dkr.

Registration in email mindset.dk@gmail.com

(early bid discount – 800, before 1. December 2016).

Næste Mindfulness Workshop starter 9. September 2016  kl. 9:00 – 10:30


Vi gennemfører mange forløb ifm. afdelingsseminarer, teambuilding, ledergruppeudvikling, teamudvikling etc.  Nu er vi i gang med en sceance på 3-3½ time, hvor grundlæggende forståelse for JTI opnås (Kan være på Dansk, Engelsk eller Islandsk):

0900-0915: Introduktion
0915-1015: Gennemgang af JTI. Selvscore undervejs
1015-1045: Svar på test udleveres sammen med JTI hæfte – afklaring om din typekode
1045-1100: Pause
1100-1130: JTI øvelse
11130-1200: JTI øvelse 2
1230: Slut for i dag

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Ovenstående skaber forståelse for menneskers forskellighed – fra “forkerthed til forskellighed”.

Kontakt os for yderligere information: mindset.dk@gmail.com

Group support for victims of anti social abuse (Anti social: Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissistist).

A support group for victims of domestic violence & anti social abuse starts the 7th of September. 20:00 O´Clock. Copenhagen. (Due to privacy concerns for the victims I send out the address individually).
Registration in email: mindset.dk@gmail.com
For further information, send me an email and we can arrange a meeting and/or telephone call.

I´ll be guiding the discussions, and everyone will get a space and time to talk when they are ready. In between I coach and educate about what you can do, what your rights are, and what anti social behavior is. We go through from changing being a victim to reclaiming your life and freedom to be you, and who you are without the abuser.